Potential Urban Agricultural Land: Local spaces for growing and gardening

The Food Map contains an inventory of public and private lands that may be available for food growing and gardening:

  • Public Land is owned by the City, and has potential, but is not guaranteed for urban agriculture projects. These lands provide a starting point for groups that are interested in urban agriculture such as community gardens, urban orchards, and other food growing demonstration projects. City staff will review all applications and provide their recommendation to Council before a decision is made. For more information on this process contact: sustainability@campbellriver.ca or call 250-286-5700
  • Private Land listed below has not been vetted or endorsed by the City, it is being provided here for informational purposes only. Interested parties are responsible for creating their own agreements and ensuring that any proposed use does not conflict with City regulations or bylaws.

Please note: Neither, the City of Campbell River, its elected official, appointed officers, employees nor any other agency or entity thereof assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the use of private land.

Relevant Documents:

Urban Orchard

Urban Orchard

Urban Orchards are compact spaces in the city that are devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees. These orchards potentially provide jobs and materials for value added production.
Name Ownership Acres Water Parking Details
Public2.4600YesLimited view
Public1.7300YesAdequate view
Public2.0600YesAdequate view
Public1.5300YesAdequate view
Public0.3160YesAdequate view