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Name : Ross Mountain Farm
Description : Ross Mountain Farm is a certified organic farm, centrally located in Campbell River, making it a truly urban farm. We specialize in blueberries for the fresh market. We pick to order (our pre-order book is open all year!), attend the Pier Street Farmers Market and have small quantities available at our farm stand on Evergreen Road during the harvest season. Beginning this year, we will also offer U-pick for blueberries by appointment. The Market Garden is now producing a nice assortment of vegetables which will be sold at our farm gate as they ripen. Watch for the sandwich board on Evergreen starting in June! Slowly but surely we are replacing unproductive areas on the property with native trees, shrubs and food producing plants, for humans and for the bees! Check our website for current offerings and farm stand hours. Thank you for supporting local agriculture. Island Organic Producers Association (IOPA) # 1917.
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