Georgia Park

Georgia Park

Adjacent to 678 Hudson Road, Georgia Park is a partially forested lot located in a residential area.

Please Note: This property is listed as ‘potential urban agricultural land’ meaning that it is not guaranteed for food growing projects. In order to be considered for City land you will have to create a concept plan for the site which will be reviewed by staff and presented to City Council before a decision is made. In addition, there will be an opportunity for residents to comment on your proposal as well.

This property has been listed as having potential as a Community Garden, Urban Orchard or Food Forest. You may submit a proposal for other uses too. For a complete list of urban agriculture options visit the Green City section (Food & Agriculture page) at

Land Details

Space DetailsUnspecified
Water DetailsThere is no existing water connection to the site. Your concept plan must indentify your water use needs. You will be responsible for the costs associated with installation.