The Food Map is a web-based resource that identifies retailers, restaurants and farms selling Campbell River, Strathcona Region, Vancouver Island, and Gulf & Discovery Island-sourced agricultural products. The map also contains an inventory of public and private land that can be made available for community gardening and food growing projects within the city. The project was developed in partnership with the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce, Greenways Land Trust, Laughing Willow Community Garden, and the Strathcona Food Security Project, and as also made possible by a grant from the Real Estate Foundation of BC.

While the Food Map serves as a valuable resource for community members who want to buy healthy, local products, it also doubles as a marketing tool that promotes local businesses whose activities help to nurture a diverse local economy. It provides an opportunity to showcase local businesses that carry local foods and can help to facilitate and nurture a prosperous community and strong local economy. This is in line with the Chamber of Commerce's Think Local initiative.

For more information visit the City's Food & Agriculture Hub