Downloadable Resources

These downloadable resources will help you learn more about growing your own food close to home!

Strathcona Food Security Project

The Strathcona Food Security Community Engagement and Resear... more

Laughing Willow Community Garden

The Laughing Willow Community Garden is located at the old S... more

Lettuce Grow Campbell River

The mandate is to: · Provide opportunities for the commu... more

Harvest Campbell River

This short film highlights the growing demand for fresh, loc... more

Campbell River Land Guide

Everything you need to know about accessing City land for fo... more

Urban Agriculture Concept Plan

If you are interested in accessing City land for urban agric... more

BC Food Security Gateway

The Food Security Gateway is designed to be a “one stop”... more

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is a provincial zone in ... more

Environmental Farm Plan Program

Completing an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) helps provide f... more

Food & Agriculture: Campbell River

Food and agriculture have emerged as significant focus areas... more

Invasive Species

Invasive species that enter and establish in British Columbi... more

We Heart Local

The We Heart Local App connects you to the delicious flavors... more

Food Dehydrator Recipes

Not the expensive freeze dried meals that require a magnifyi... more

Eat the Invaders

Invasive species are one of the scourges of ecosystems aroun... more

Preserving the harvest

A “zero-mile diet” involves meal planning around crops i... more

Successful Container Gardening

Gardening is no longer the exclusive pastime of homeowners w... more

Winter Vegetable Gardens

Winter vegetables are basically the same varieties we grow i... more

Brewing Compost Tea

Gardeners all know compost is terrific stuff. But there's so... more

Native Plant Gardening

The Native Plant Society of BC encourages you to use native ... more

Building a rain Garden

By allowing rainwater to infiltrate rather than enter the st... more

Attracting Snakes into your Backyard

Forest habitats in southern British Columbia are under press... more