Downloadable Resources

These downloadable resources will help you learn more about growing your own food close to home!

SPIN Farming

SPIN stands for s-mall p-lot intensive. SPIN-Farmers take ba... more

BC Agriculture Council

The British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC) is a non-pro... more

Foraging for Food in the Wild

Tips for foragers regarding when to harvest wild edibles, pl... more

Foraging in the Pacific Northwest

A collection of guides for identifying wild edible plants, e... more

Wild Fermentation Portal

Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicio... more

Falling Fruit

Falling Fruit is a celebration of the overlooked culinary bo... more

Young Agrarians Land Access Guide

This guide is for beginning farmers wanting to pursue farmin... more

Pocket Markets

Small farmers markets, known as “Pocket Markets”, are br... more

Sheet composting

Sheet composting is an ancient technique that has many pract... more

Bees and Pollination

Over three quarters of the plants that feed us rely on polli... more

Farm Classification in BC

Farm classification is a voluntary program. Owners of land w... more

Creating Bee Friendly Backyards

By planting bee-attracting plants and flowers, you can also ... more

Urban Hens in Campbell River

A detailed guide for community members interested in raising... more