Buddies Natural Pet Food

Buddies Natural Pet Food

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5980 Trans Canada Highway

Raw Natural Pet Food, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Gluten Free & Celiac Friendly, Human Grade, Local, Canadian, Family Run Business. Made with Love in Duncan, B.C

Our products contain only fresh quality human-grade ingredients, handled in a safe, clean and caring manner. Natural food is easier for your pet to digest, which means they have lower volumes of fecal matter. Your pet is able to actually digest what it is fed. Its breath and body odor is far more pleasant and its skin is not so dry, which helps to alleviate itchy skin and hot spots. Fleas are less of a problem, teeth are clean, energy is up, coats are shiny… and the list goes on!

We were formally known as Duncan's neighbourhood family run butcher shop but when we closed the doors to our butcher shop we opened our doors to a new and exciting adventure in the raw pet food industry. We took our human-grade food and turned it into raw pet food for cats and dogs. We still to this day are a proud Canadian family runned business.

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Buddies Raw Cat Food produced on Vancouver Island
Buddies Raw Dog Food produced on Vancouver Island